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Are you ready to be part of the ARG Finance success story?

First of all, I would like to thank you for showing interest in joining the ARG Finance team. I can’t stress enough that this is the golden period to become a mortgage broker.

Amidst sustained economic growth and strong demand for residential housing, the residential real estate industry of Australia continues to rise. Combine this with historically low interest rates, hot competition amongst lenders and increasing regulation, it is clear that the mortgage brokers will have an an increasingly important role to play in the near future.

Growing number of consumers are beginning to understand the importance of financial planning and investing for long-term financial security and are seeking trusted and ethical mortgage brokers for advice on housing and business finance.

In such a dynamic industry, it pays to start off and partner with an organization which provides the right training, support and strong leadership to help you build your business.

Over the years, ARG Finance has become a strong signature brand in the mortgage broking space that is admired for its customer service. With product offerings that include home loans, property loans, refinance loans, business loans and more, many of ARG Finance’s mortgage brokers are gaining additional skills and qualifications to increase their client services into areas like general insurance and financial planning.

We are on a journey to become Australia’s leading mortgage broking brand. I invite you to be a part of this success story of the ARG Finance team.


Rakesh Gupta
Founder & Director
ARG Finance

Why ARG Finance?

– Wide range of lenders
– Extensive products
– Ongoing Quality Leads
– Competitive commission structure
– Ongoing training, support and business coaching

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Ready to become a Mortgage Broker?

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Some of our ARG Finance success stories…

  • Over the course of the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Rakesh Gupta at
    ARG Finance. Rakesh has been a constant source of support and motivation to all of his subordinates
    and peers. Rakesh is a highly diligent and dedicated mentor with an in-depth knowledge of financial
    broking. Rakesh has the ability to explain complex mortgage scenarios in simple terms to his mentees.
    Rakesh’s compassion and pleasant demeanor are some of his biggest personal characteristics. Rakesh
    shares an excellent personal and professional rapport with everyone at the company, and is very
    respected by all those who work with him. Rakesh’s valuable mentorship has helped me accomplish a
    successful career as a mortgage broker.It has been a privilege to have Rakesh as my mentor.

    Mohan Somasundaram
  • ARG Finance has given me a great platform to learn and gain knowledge in the field. Prepare to
    learn a lot, especially if you do not hesitate to ask and take up new challenges. The work that I
    did exceeded my expectations as I got to learn something new every day. Today, I have improved
    my skills, developed new styles, and have a deeper understanding of where I want to be.

    Gurshish Singh
  • Rakesh Gupta is truly someone that any new broker would dream of having by their side. Having
    entered in to the mortgage industry two years ago, I had no idea how to structure a loan. You can
    feel alone entering in the new industry but Rakesh Gupta has been there every step of the way and
    helped me to get through the hardest early days. I highly recommend Rakesh Gupta and the ARG
    Finance team for those who are serious about their vision and making their mortgage business a

    Parveen Panjeta
  • I started my career in mortgage broking industry around 8 months back  with Rakesh Gupta.
    When I look back, I find a lot of change in myself, in my knowledge and in my understanding
    of principles of this industry. Rakesh is an outstanding mentor with immense knowledge which
    he always shares among us. He is always approachable and ready to help whenever I find any
    difficulty with any application. I believe working with him is of great pride for me and hope this
    journey will continue for long.

    Vinay Goyal
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